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About Ms. Ty Smith

Ty is a highly-regarded, critically acclaimed leadership keynote speaker, educator, financial & life coach. Ty has taken the world by storm, with her creative and demonstrative style, high -energy messages that impact her audiences.

Ty’s spiritual walk, tenacity and drive are the perfect example of using her God-given talent to changes live, broadened minds and further strengthened others in their pursuit of greatness. Drawing from her own personal experiences and transparency radiates dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people nationwide. Ms. Ty Smith has over 30 years of public speaking experience, and has consulted/coached all over the country She has managed to channel her overall experiences to make a powerful impact within the community.

Ty Smith obtained her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communications. She began her entrepreneurial pursuit at the mere age of 19 years old. Ty Smith created the nation’s first African-American themed bank checks called AfrocenChecks. This unique business concept landed Ms. Ty Smith in very notable publications such as Black Enterprise Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Tribune, Boston Globe, Upscale Magazine and many more. AfrocenChecks was so successful that Harland (the nation’s largest check suppler) partnered with her to brand the product nationwide.

Ms. Ty Smith currently owns and operates a financial services company in Atlanta, GA. She is a licensed mortgage broker, life insurance agent, tax preparer, credit repair specialist, and United States Court Mediator. Ms. Smith’s company has provided financial services all over the country and has plans to expand many local offices into other states.

Ms. Ty Smith has been invited to speak at many corporate events, church services, marriage retreats, seminars and workshops. She has successfully inspired corporate leaders & employees to achieve greatness, educated individuals, encouraged women to be better mothers and wives, and motivated numerous couples to strengthen their marriages.

She has been married to her awesome husband since 2003 and has three children (Trinity, Perry II and Perris), four horses, and an affectionate dog named Miles. She enjoys spending time with her family, listening to gospel music, reading, playing jeopardy, and giving back to the community.

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